Hyphens (“-”) and numbers in the domain name

16 mart. Hyphens (“-”) and numbers in the domain name

   Unless they are strictly necessary – being part of an identity (see noi2.com), I would suggest staying away from numbers and hyphens because from an SEO point of view, they do not add value. In the case of hyphens, the only disadvantage is the transmission of your domain name on the radio or telephone because it is difficult for listeners to remember it correctly.

If, for example, you want to take a domain with your full name, you can choose to buy firstname.com.com.com and / or first-name.com etc. This way you do not risk someone else to come and buy you a domain very similar to yours.


Register the same domain name but with different extensions – .com, .eu, .com, .info, .net, .org


Suppose you have just registered mihaelasava.com and want to build a brand around this name. For example, by registering the domains mihaelasava.eu and mihaelasava.com and redirecting them to mihaelasava.com, you show the search engines that you are consolidating your brand and thus contributing to the improvement of the results of your site.


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