Rules for choosing domains of Internet

16 mart. Rules for choosing domains of Internet

According to the rules there are certain limitations and restrictions in registering a .com internet domain. Before choosing and checking the availability of the desired name for the reservation it is good to know the following:

  1. The length of a domain cannot be longer than 63 characters.
  2. Only alphanumeric characters (az and 0-9) can be included in the name.
  3. The only sign accepted in the name is the minus sign (-).
  4. The domain name cannot begin or end with a minus sign.
  5. A domain name is unique and cannot be changed after registration.
  6. The contact person (entered in the form) is responsible for the registered domain name and must be an employee of the company / company holding the respective domain name.
  7. The choice of the suffix in the .com area can be done as follows:
  • .com for any legal or natural person;
  • for companies, products or services of a commercial nature;
  • for non-profit organizations, social organizations, civil associations;
  • only for registered trademarks. For the registration of these domains by Romanian companies, evidence will be brought from OSIM or other trademark registration organizations;
  • for stores or other companies that offer consumer goods;
  • for information providers;
  • for those individuals who wish to have their own name as a domain name;
  • for network / Internet companies;
  • for companies;
  • for companies operating on the World Wide Web;
  • for organizations that carry out artistic activities;
  • for organizations that carry out entertainment activities.
  1. Confused domain names that may be offensive cannot be reserved someone who contains the name of a well-known personality, inappropriate, obscene, pornographic names, or who contravene public order.
  2. The domain may be canceled or suspended by the RoTLD if the contact details have been changed to false data, if there are complaints that the domain is confusing, if there is information about illegal actions, etc.
  3. The domain name can be deleted from the RoTLD database following a court decision or decision from a


governmental or administrative organizations with authority.

.Com, .eu domains and other extensions often have rules similar to the ones presented above for .com domains.

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