The domain name of the site should define you

17 nov. The domain name of the site should define you

Most probably where ever you live in the world, in any used language … most of good domains are already taken.
Of course … you can buy a good one … in the auction … but the prices are sometimes huge, especially for the english names.
So now … we do what?!
Well … there are lots of rules for buying the domain names … but you have 2 choices.
Number one … think of a name that would represent you as a company.
For example … in our case … Dezibel Media.
It’s the name of our company and also our name on the web.
Once we will work with different clients, it will be quite easy for them to search us over the internet, but now imagine what would mean for a web design company to own the domain!
I don’t even bother to search if it is available or not and if it is for sale is probably quite expensive.
But … that does not mean we should not look for a good domain one, especially when we are a start up business and people don’t know about our brand.
So … let’s say we sell second hand cars.
We can think of names as …,, etc etc.
We need to be inventive, but also keep in mind that we should send a clear message to the potential customers … so that they understand what exactly we are doing and how we could help them.
If your name us Robert and you believe that sounds better … then all i can do is smile and let you continue feed your ego with all kinds of silly ideas, but don’t expect as people to make the connection between the name Robert and a company that is selling cars.
So … it all becomes a matter of sending the right message in the Universe of web.
Or … you can simple follow both paths and use the name of the company, but also the name as an alias domain.
Also if you are serving a certain area and you live in Detroit, for example, you can buy domains as …, etc.
Let them understand what you do, but also the area where you activate, so that people can easily decide if they should contact you, in case they are looking for a new car for them.
Whatever you believe now, once you read this … keep always in mind that nowadays your competition is on the internet also and when you try to whisper something in the virtual world, having the expectation as the customers to come and pay for your products or services … you should think of a name that first of all defines you in the best possible way.
… cause in the end it’s all about defining.

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