The QUEEN of communication

17 nov. The QUEEN of communication

… understanding the philosophy behind Internet
Why is so important to understand the philosophy behind the Internet … if you want to make online money?
I believe i started to use computers for the first time in 1990 or 1991.
I had at home a computer in 1996.
It was difficult to learn all the commands, but i was passioned about it and i loved it.
I stayed in frot of the computer day and night.
In 1998, a colleague from University came to us during the computer seminar … saying: “Today i want to show you something extremely important that i discovered last night.
All of you … come in front of my computer!”
We were about 6-7 students.
He opened saying … “Check this out guy!”
We all laughed … and say to him … “Come on … you can’t be so idiot … what us what?! It’s a logo in the middle of the screen!
What is so special?!”
He smiles … “Guys … look … this is one of the greatest invention from the internet and it just appeared few days ago.
It gives you all kinds of informations about anything you might look for.”
My colleague was a smart guy, even if he was in a wheel chair. In fact … most probably he was a little bit smarter and well informed than we was.
Not so long time ago, after Joe Biden became the president of the United States, i saw on facebook with him and my old friend from University.
So …it first appeared the Internet.
Then Google.
And then the rest … but to help all of them to be online we had to explain to thousands of people what is the Internet, what is this silly, the site with just one logo and a search button in the middle of the screen.
Speed of the web was very slow.
We had dial up connections through the help of the landlines.
It was the stone age era of the internet.
Did we had any idea what the Internet was?!
Could we speak at that time about the philosophy behind the internet?!
Most probably all what we knew at that time was that the web … was something really amazing … that will revolutionize the world.
It was a new way of connecting all the countries from all the continents … a way of meeting people from anywhere, but also making businesses everywhere.
National markets could become international markets and very easy a company from Belgrad could have thousands of customers from New York, London or Tokyo.
But we don’t even knew what really is … the philosophy … so i would lie to say that we knew what philosophy of internet was.
We were pioneers and we loved what we did.
We were exploring something that was going to change the world.
… and we continue walking on a path that we had no ideas where it will take us.
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