The reason why Youtube helps a lot … but you need to learn a little bit of acting

17 nov. The reason why Youtube helps a lot … but you need to learn a little bit of acting

Truth be told people don’t like to read.
I remember that years ago people use to write a lot into the “about us” section … but today they learnt to somehow limit themselves at a maximum half a page of text.
And even half a page is … just too much.
But imagine you could make an artistic movie of 30-60 seconds … which should tell the story of your company.
That could be placed on the top of the site, in the slider area and most probably will communicate with the new customers in a much easier way that we actually do with a simple text.
And … if you are good a little bit at acting, that should be amazing … cause you can already interact with the customers.
Movies, especially the artistic ones help a lot.
People can understand everything in less that a minute … and can also start seeing you in as a professional company … right away, without bothering to keep them a sales session for one day.
And … once people trust you … they will start using your products and services … all of them.
Forcing them to read text … it’s not anymore a contemporary method of communication … and a youtube channel, associated with the site, with short videos describing your products and services should be fantastic.
All you need to keep in mind is that not everybody love to read … and sometimes they even dislike being forced to read … so simple messages, told as a beautiful story … could be of amazing success.
People love stories … but stories that let them know how their own lives should be improved in a magical way.
Yes … you might be afraid … as you to be the character that tells the story, but you could also hire someone else to do that for you.
On the other hand … if you have the gut to be the actor that is presenting the products and services … imagine that this is going to be a shortcut in the communication one to one with the customer … when they will decide to choose you … as their provider.
But whatever you believe is the best for your company … keep in mind that is much easier for a client to watch a short movie than being forced to read.
… youtube helps a lot and that is an important aspect from the list with tips and tricks … so please don’t forget them.

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