The web … seen as a way of connecting to people

17 nov. The web … seen as a way of connecting to people

If you have in mind to invest into an internet business, you might be overwhelmed of the technical details.
At one point … you might even consider to forget about investing money into something so complicated.
Well … let me give you some good news.
Learning the technical details … is just optional.
All you need to understand is the philosophy behind what we call … the web.
Of course that it will help you a lot to have a great restaurant if you are a chef … but in my opinion is that a restaurant is not about food … or not only about food.
Behind a great restaurant … there is the philosophy of a place that can change people’s vibe … in a very short time … to stay in a relaxation environment and enjoy the atmosphere while talking, drinking something and eating.
And same as the restaurant is not only about eating … in the same way the internet is not only about sales.
After so many years spent in this area, i have the gut to say that the internet is more about connecting to people … if you want to have sales.
You see …. in a real shop you can speak with the customer, smile to him / her … try to present yourself, but also your products and services.
Over the internet … things are different.
You need to be able to send the message, without seeing the customer face to face, or even without speaking to him over the phone or chat.
You need to have a virtual charm … that is making you more attractive as the competition … but you need to define what “charm” means in a virtual way and then apply those algorithms in the communication through the site.
That actually means … if for example you are having the look of a queen in the real world and your beauty speaks by itself … on the web you need to metamorphose yourself into a queen … of communication.
The physical beauty becomes the beauty of connecting to people and sending them the right message about yourself, but always keep in mind that they should see you in an amazing way …. as a queen.
The difference between today and 20 years ago is that now … everybody is online.
If you understand the philosophy behind the internet, the way of connecting to people in a different way … then is perfect … you will stay in business and you might even get rich.
Otherwise … the real truth is that the web will bring you mediocre results.
Is somehow a balance between choosing to be a small business in the country side, or having the chance of selling your products and services … not only at the national level, but on the international markets.
So … the choice is yours and it’s up to you if you decide to play on a big scale of just be present in there and expect to get clients in a randomly-annoying way, that will never satisfy you.
Is actually the decision … if you act on a mediocre level … or you play on the stage of your business as a queen … the Queen of web from your area of practice.
And little by little you will learn the tips and tricks … to do that.

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