Truth be told … the weather can increase or decrease the sales

17 nov. Truth be told … the weather can increase or decrease the sales

Weather-based Campaign Management

I started to write about tips and tricks and i believe that having an advertising campaign that is also related with the weather is quite important.
The ones from Google Ads thought about that and created the weather-based campaign that is helping businesses that needs to keep in mind all the time about the weather, according to the geo-location.
Imagine you sell online air conditioning and a rainy day, even if is august will not mean so much on sales as a beautiful day, but with high temperatures.
Or you sell surfing equipment … or you own a swimming pool … and the list with examples is quite long.
In all those cases, the parameters of weather are very important … and modifying the biding all the time … will be too much time consuming.
With an interconnection with the site, you can increase or decrease the bidding of the campaign, according to your wish … in an automatic way.
You’ll find lots of tutorials about that, but what’s important is just to keep in mind the trick itself and apply it when you need it.
The script works by reading data off a
spreadsheet and will take care of the whole process.
So … after a short study on the subject, you will know the best values … the lowest and the highest bid for your Google Ad campaign, notice them in the spreadsheet that communicates with the advertising system and get the best results you can get.
Analyzing the sales and the values of bids will be the only important thing from the process so that you can automize everything.
Using the trick will save you money … so that you don’t spend so much on advertising when the business does not work so well … but also helps you have great sales, with the proper amount spent on advertising when the weather is better.
But same as for some businesses … the beautiful weather helps a lot, in the same way the ugly one increase sales for other.
In the sunny days people might look for spending money online … cause there is nothing else to do.
Keep the idea in mind … and apply it if it at the right time.

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