Using the image of a star for your online business … a trick for increasing the online sales

17 nov. Using the image of a star for your online business … a trick for increasing the online sales

The trick with the image of a star is used by many, many years and can easily be implemented in online business.
You see, when it comes about any business, but especially on the internet … marketing is the most important thing.
In the past people were coming to the site and were investing about 10 seconds from their time and then if they did not liked what they saw … they just closed the page.
Today i believe we only have 1-2 … or a maximum of 3 seconds to connect with the customer.
The image of the star could make that person curious … or even believe that they came to the page that belongs to that celebrity.
The connection can be made much, much easier.
At least people will pay attention to the site and try to understand what are the products or services that you are selling … for more than 2-3 seconds.
They will actually listen to what you have to say … which is something great, because we live in a world where everybody is trying to say something.
The simple fact that they pay attention to us, even for a very short time … is actually the first step for presenting what you want to sell them.
You should always keep in mind that online is different than the real life.
One to one … you could have the charm to sell even the silliest product from the world … but for the online business rules are different.
The way you present the product … the pictures, the youtube videos, the way you write the text that can be actually a story … not just a technical description and can create the image of a great web site.
The public figure that we have the agreement with … can create easily the feeling of confidence for the public.
Is kind of a mix between using the power of an influencer … with a great way of presenting the product itself.
For example … a friend of mine published a book about speech therapy.
After 2 weeks … calling all her friends she sold about 350 books.
Then a friend of her, which had an amazing blog about all kinds of things … wrote an article with the link where the book can be bought.
She sold 350 products in just one day … after the article was published.
So … my friend which was a speech therapist found a trick to connect to her potential clients … using an external reference for her products … and it worked.
So … keep in mind this trick … because it might help you a lot.

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