About us

Dezibel Media is a web design agency, with a vast experience, having in its team specialists for any kind of web application. We have successfully met the needs of our customers in various industries and locations.

Dezibel Media was established in 1998 as a local supplier of the Norwegian company of the same name with 16 years of experience in this field.

  • Our successful strategy has always been customer satisfaction
  • We understand that your success is the key to our success!
  • To become a global web service provider!

Our goal is very ambitious and difficult to achieve. Within each project, our main concern is to design, at the right time, a perfect solution for a certain audience through the safest technological measures. Each of us uses our experience, imagination, talent, originality and dedication in the effort to achieve the company’s DREAM.





  • IDEA

    We start from a certain idea, coming from us or from the client.


    We develop a customized concept according to the final need of the client

  • Design

    Our graphic designer starts working on the computer and defines the final concept.

  • Implementation

    Our team performs implementation after obtaining the ok from the client.

  • Shooting

    The product is delivered to the customer as soon as possible.

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